Information pursuant to European Regulation 679/2016 (so-called “GDPR”).
This information is pursuant to art. 13 of the Community Regulation (EU) 679/2016 (hereinafter the “Regulation) to those who use the web services of the SS AGTIOLA PODERE FONTANINO farm with headquarters in AREZZO loc. STOPPE D ‘ARCA 4 (hereinafter, the Company) and relates to all personal data that the Company collects and holds about its users and their accounts, while it does not apply to data collected from other websites that may be consulted by ‘user through links to external pages of third parties.
No data relating to particular categories are collected or processed (Article 9 of the Regulation) except in the cases referred to in the exemptions provided for the tourist tax.

A. Owner and methods of data processing
The Data Controller of personal data is the SS AGRICOLA PODERE FONTANINO LOC. ARK STOPPE 4. AREZZO. Tel. 3355851744 e-mail:
The treatment takes place mainly electronically (computer and telematic) and / or paper, to store, manage and transmit the data, taking care to guarantee security and confidentiality.

B. Responsible for data processing
Your personal data are processed by the SS AGRICOLA PODERE FONTANINO LOC. ARK STOPPE 4. AREZZO. Tel. 3355851744 e-mail:
– in the person of the Data Processor Mr. Fortini Andrea and for the purposes specified below

1. Data to which the information refers
The data provided directly by the Customer and collected by the Owner are all personal data entered on the Site (to browse, to make online reservations or for any other reason) or which are otherwise provided to the Company in any way. Examples of data provided directly by the Customer as an interested party are: the name; the address and telephone number; credit card details (processed only for the time necessary for the purchase or booking); the names of the guests if different from the person making the booking. More generally, all the data necessary to make a reservation, present the offer of a stay, carry out the administrative, accounting and tax requirements required by law and in particular by the TULPS and fifteen copies of the identity card or passport , tax code, VAT, etc.

1. Purpose and legal basis of data processing (Article 6 of the Regulation)
The data are processed exclusively for the purposes described below.
(1) completion of the reservation and execution of the residence contract, administrative, accounting and tax obligations, as well as provided for by the Public Security legislation (art.109 Royal Decree 18.6.1931 n.773) and other legal obligations.
The processing is aimed at allowing the Owner to manage the booking in an optimal way, including the activities that are instrumental and connected to this (e.g. communications on payments and balances) and what is necessary to comply with the obligations established by current regulations (tax, civil, administrative , penalties). Personal data are collected, for the aforementioned purposes, primarily through the contact form on the WWW site. PODERE FONTANINO.COM
By filling in the contact form with their own data, the Customer consents to their use to respond to requests for information, quotes, or any other indicated nature.
The collection may also take place orally, by telephone, by e-mail, sms and / or instant messaging.
18. The data referred to in art. 109 R.D. 18.6.1931 n. 773, in the matter of Public Security are forwarded to the Authorities of P.S. electronically at the time of check in.
19. The data relating to exemptions regarding the applicability of the tourist tax of the municipality of AREZZO. These data will be collected through forms prepared by the Municipality and stored for the purposes and for the times required by the regulations.
(2) Acquisition of informed consent, at the time of booking, demonstrating the fulfillment of the obligation to inform the user, whose owner / manager of the agritourism pool is required according to L. R. 8/2006. Personal data are collected in the fulfillment of a legal obligation, at the time of booking, for the aforementioned purposes, first of all by filling in and signing a form sent by e-mail, in which the Customer provides his data, or by similar paper form, filled in and signed by the customer, upon arrival. The models will be destroyed upon the Customer’s departure.
(3) Marketing.
The treatment is aimed at allowing promotional, informative and institutional contacts on its offers by the Owner.
The contact activities can take place both through traditional methods (paper mail and telephone calls through the operator on fixed and mobile numbers) and via e-mail and / or instant messaging.
(4) Receiving messages or phone calls addressed to the Customer.
(5) Cookies are used on the WWW.PODEREFONTANINO.IT site to improve the browsing experience. The data is not disclosed to third parties. Here is the cookie policy relating to the type of cookies used, their functioning and the acquisition of consent and please refer to it. [TO BE CHECKED WITH THE COMPUTER COMPANY]
Legal basis of the processing is the request to receive information, to receive a quote, as well as what is further reported in the form.
1. E) Acquisition of consent
As regards the obligation to acquire the Customer’s consent, which can also be acquired orally, the consent is acquired at the time of first contact: in the paper mode (reception) or in the computer mode (online form) as specified in sub D). For clarity, it is necessary to distinguish between the different treatments:
• Data processing aimed at fulfilling the obligations under Article 109 TULPS (Notification of customers staying at the Police Headquarters): the Customer’s consent is not required. In case of refusal the subject cannot be hosted.
• Data processing aimed at fulfilling current administrative, accounting and tax obligations: the Customer’s consent is not necessary. In case of refusal the subject cannot be hosted.
• Data processing aimed at exempting the payment of the tourist tax in the event of non-communication of the cases of exemption, the payment of the tourist tax will be required.
• Data processing aimed at exhibiting the information for the correct use of the pool (informed consent).
• Receipt of messages and telephone calls addressed to the Customer: it is necessary to acquire the Customer’s consent. The consent may subsequently be revoked.
• Customer loyalty and marketing activities: the use of customer data for own promotional and marketing purposes can only take place with prior consent. The consent may subsequently be revoked.
1. Data retention periods.
All data processed for the purposes under D. (1) and (2) will be kept until the conclusion of the established relationship and within the terms and limits set out in the applicable laws, in particular administrative, civil, fiscal and criminal law.
For the purposes under D. (3) and (4), the data will be kept until the interested party exercises the right of opposition.
1. Categories of data recipients, and subjects who may have access to them during the processing
The data will also be processed by entities in charge of services related to tax legislation which will act as independent data controllers.
Personal data may be accessed by the bodies proposed for control in matters of public security, health, tax and administrative legislation.
1. Rights of the interested party
Pursuant to art. 15-22 Regulations, by writing to the Data Controller at the aforementioned postal address or to the e-mail, you can exercise the rights of access, consultation, rectification, cancellation and oblivion, limitation of the processing of, as well as oppose their processing for legitimate reasons or withdraw your consent.
The methods for exercising all rights by the interested parties are established, in general, in Articles 11 and 12 of the Regulations.
The deadline for replying to the interested party is, for all rights (including the right of access), 1 month, which can be extended up to 2 months in particularly complex cases; the Owner must in any case give a reply to the interested party within 1 month of the request, even in the event of denial.
It is up to the Data Controller to assess the complexity of the response to the interested party.
Furthermore, the interested party has the right to lodge a complaint with the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data to assert their rights.
With particular reference to the processing for the marketing purposes described under D. (3), it is specified that the interested party has the right to object at any time, free of charge and without giving any reason, to the processing of his data for these purposes, and who may exercise the right to object even separately for traditional and automated contact activities. This right may also be exercised by writing to the postal address of the Owner or by sending an email to
1. Contacts
For the exercise of rights and to request a complete list of data processors and subjects to whom the data may be communicated, for clarification on the use of the treatment always in connection with the purposes indicated under D., as well as any related information to the privacy policy of the owner, write:
by e-mail or by mail to: Agriturismo SS AGRICOLA PODERE FONTANINO LOC. ARK STOPPE 4. AREZZO. Tel. 3355851744 e-mail:
Having read the information:
• I agree | | I do not agree | | to the processing of personal data for the purposes indicated in sub D) n.3.
• I agree | | I do not agree | | to the processing of personal data for the purposes indicated in sub D) n.4.
• I agree | | I do not agree | | to the processing of personal data for the purposes indicated in sub D) n.5.